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Teeth Whitening in Easley, SC

While brushing your teeth gets rid of most food and drink residue, regular consumption of many foods and drinks will leave stains on teeth. If you’re a regular coffee or tea drinker, like pasta with marinara, or consume acidic foods, then your pearly whites may not be so white. The best way to get rid of stains that dull the appearance of teeth is with professional teeth whitening services.

Why Professional Services are Better than Consumer Products

To keep their teeth white many people buy commercial teeth whitening products. While they can get teeth two to five times whiter, the results do not last as long as whitening services by our Delta Dental dentists at Dental Associates of Easley.

Commercial Products can Damage Teeth

Over-the-counter products contain abrasives to help get rid of stains, so frequent use of them can damage the enamel on your teeth. The damage can allow the acids carrying decay-causing bacteria to embed in the enamel and begin growing.

Fortunately, the whitening agent our Delta Dental dentists at Dental Associates of Easley use is completely safe and is not abrasive. It whitens teeth without damaging them and is more concentrated than commercial products, so it whitens teeth more safely than the products you buy in stores.

How Long does it Take to Professionally Whiten Teeth?

The length of time needed for whitening your teeth at one of our Delta Dental dentists’ offices near you in Easley, SC depends on the technique the dentist uses.

However, many dentists offer a take-home option for teeth whitening. Instead of needing to stay in one of their chairs, they will provide you with customized teeth trays and a powerful whitening solution to use at home.

The results of professional teeth whitening by our Delta Dental dentists at Dental Associates of Easley in Easley, SC will give you a brighter, whiter smile than any commercial product can provide.

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