Preventative Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry in Easley, SC

Preventive dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with stopping dental diseases from happening in the first place. Regular dentistry is about treating damages but is starting to grow to include preventive dentistry. At Dental Associates of Easley in Easley, SC, we highly value the benefits of preventive dentistry.

Many restorative procedures are now available to replace teeth like dental implants and bridges. Unfortunately, despite their great cosmetic and functional outcomes, they’re not as great as natural teeth. It’s for these reasons that we always prioritize natural teeth and their preservation here at Dental Associates of Easley.

Regular Checkups and Cleanings

Many patients think that checkups and cleanings aren’t necessary. The truth is that these checkups are vital to the wellbeing of our teeth. When a patient comes in for a checkup, we check to see if their dental hygiene is satisfactory and can give advice on things they can do to make it even better.

Cleanings are done during checkups. Their goal is to remove plaque and tartar build-up from teeth. Plaque and tartar are hardened collections of bacteria that become resistant to cleaning at home with a toothbrush. It’s essential to visit a dentist to have them cleaned.

The recommended number of checkups is two per year or once every 6 months. The numbers may vary for children depending on each case. We can tell you how often you’ll need to bring your child for a checkup once we see them.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments help us strengthen and protect teeth. The popular mineral is now added to drinking water and is found in almost all commercially available toothpaste. Fluoride works by inhibiting tooth decay and strengthening teeth.

This means that if a person has minor tooth decay, fluoride can stop it in its tracks. Sadly, any damage that already happened can’t be reversed. For people who don’t have any decay, fluoride can strengthen their teeth.

We use highly concentrated fluoride in these treatments when compared to the amount of fluoride used in toothpaste. It’s advised not to perform these treatments at home because using too much fluoride can damage teeth.

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