Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment in Easley, SC

Fluoride is a mineral that is a proven preventive for cavities, which is why it’s in toothpaste, water supplies, and mouthwashes. Thanks to fluoridation and dental sealants, many children have never experienced a cavity. However, people in areas without fluoride in their water may benefit from a fluoride treatment.

What Happens During Fluoride Treatments?

After a routine dental check-up, one of our hygienists at Dental Associates of Easley will clean your teeth to remove any plaque or tartar them. Although plaque, a clear, sticky film, is easily removed with brushing, tartar isn’t. Tartar develops from plaque that people miss while brushing and dries on their teeth.

To remove tartar from teeth and the gum lines around them, our hygienists use an instrument with a sharp end on it to scrape it off the enamel. Once your teeth are clean, they will apply the fluoride treatment onto it.

The hygienist that is working with you will apply the fluoride varnish to your teeth with a small applicator. He or she will cover the surface and sides of your teeth, as well as the crevices between them. Once it is applied, the varnish will set quickly with the contact of saliva.

Fluoride treatments have a more concentrated form of fluoride in them than toothpaste, mouthwashes, or what is in water. If your teeth often develop cavities, then one of our hygienists near you in Easley, SC, can apply a fluoride treatment every three, six, or 12 months.

Aftercare for Fluoride Treatments

The treatment will take a few minutes after a biannual exam and cleaning. To ensure that the treatment is effective, our hygienists at Dental Associates of Easley will instruct you not to brush or floss your teeth for about four to six hours after the procedure. Also, avoid drinking hot beverages during that time.

Don’t drink any alcoholic beverages or eat crunchy foods for about six hours or foods containing alcohol. After six hours, you should brush and floss your teeth to remove the residual fluoride in your mouth. By following these instructions, your fluoride treatment will help you avoid cavities and the fillings that they often require.

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