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Tooth extractions should always be done under the care of a trained and qualified dentist. Please keep in mind that improperly done tooth extractions can cause serious, life-altering injuries and in rare cases, may even cause death. This is why you should contact a reliable and reputed dentist for any dental extractions that may be required.

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What a Dental Extraction Procedure Involves

Knowing what to expect helps you prepare in advance and reduces the stress of the unknown. Here’s a closer look at how extractions are performed.

Prior to Tooth Extraction

During the first visit, our team will record your dental and medical history, including any medications you may be taking, previous surgeries, and allergies. our Delta Dental dentist in Easley, SC will then take an X-ray or scan of the infected area to determine the best way to perform the extraction of the tooth.

During Extraction

The dentist will first numb the area around the tooth prior to starting the extraction. He or she may use a local anesthetic or administer an injection.

This helps numb the gums, jawbone, and surrounding areas and keeps you feeling relaxed during the procedure. Once the dentists begins to extract the tooth, they will rock it back and forth to loosen it for removal. At this time, you may experience a lot of pressure (but there should be no pain).

After Extraction

The dentist will ask you to bite down on a gauze to stem the bleeding. It’s common to experience small amounts of bleeding for about 24 hours after the extraction.

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