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Exams & Cleanings in Easley, SC

You can find practically any dental treatment you might need for healthy and beautiful teeth at Dental Associates of Easley. Whether you need restorative treatment to set your teeth and gums back in good shape or you are looking for a cosmetic treatment for a more attractive smile, you can find it at our dental office near you in Easley, SC. Don’t forget though, that one treatment that all patients need is a routine cleaning and exam. This is an important part of a good oral care routine for maintaining a healthy mouth.

The Importance of Exams and Cleanings

Even if you brush and floss every day to keep your teeth clean (a good habit that you should keep up), there are still, unfortunately, areas in the mouth that you may miss. Areas that are particularly tricky to reach are those in the back of the mouth and in between teeth. If harmful substances like plaque and food debris are left to remain on the tooth surfaces for a long time, a cavity could form. Another potential problem is the development of gum disease. A routine cleaning is the best way to prevent these issues from happening.

A dental exam is important because it gives your Cigna dentist the chance to catch problems while they are still in their early stages. That way, you can receive treatment promptly instead of allowing the problem to get worse.

Procedure for Exams and Cleanings

When you visit our dental office in Easley, SC for a cleaning and exam, you can expect to be here for about an hour. It’s recommended that you keep these appointments twice a year (approximately every six months) to promote your oral health. The appointment will begin with your dental exam. X-rays are taken once a year during this portion of the exam and your Cigna dentist will look at these images, as well as your teeth and gums, to detect any threats to your oral health.

The cleaning is usually performed by a hygienist. The hardened substances will first be removed from the tooth surfaces. Following that, your teeth will have a good brushing with a professional toothbrush and a special gritty toothpaste. Your hygienist at Dental Associates of Easley will finish up the procedure with a flossing and a rinse.

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