Why You Need To Undergo Regular Fluoride Treatment

Why You Need To Undergo Regular Fluoride Treatment

Jul 01, 2020

Undergoing fluoride treatment prevents your teeth from cavities and strengthens your enamel. The procedure is aimed at reversing your tooth decay, and it provides you with an ideal solution in dealing with dental cavities. Fluoridated water is also useful in the treatment of cavities.

What Fluoride Treatment Procedure Entails

A fluoride treatment involves the use of a high concentration of fluoride by your Cigna dentist applied on your teeth to minimize the risk of having cavities and to improve your oral hygiene. your Cigna dentist may use gel, varnish, or solution-based treatment.

You can use home therapies to administer the treatment under instructions by your dental practitioner. The appointment has more benefits than your regular fluoride toothpaste, and you need to visit your Cigna dentist for routine cleaning.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is vital in the formation of your tooth structure during teeth development. It strengthens your enamel and reverses the action of cavities and bacterial infections. It’s useful in restoring minerals to your tooth surfaces after a bacterial infection that worn out your enamel. Fluoride inhibits the growth of the harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay.

With fluoride, decay can’ penetrate your inner tissues, which is helpful to you and your child. Early fluoride treatment for your kid will prevent the development of cavities during teeth development. It will help if you undergo fluoride treatment to:

  • Prevent periodontal infections
  • Alleviate tooth pain
  • Minimize the risk of premature tooth loss

Fluoride treatments strengthen your oral tissues and prevent a variety of life-threatening conditions.

What You Should Expect During the Procedure

Your dentist takes a short duration to handle the treatment. Fluoride is applied in the form of a gel, varnish, or solution on your teeth surfaces. Your hygienist recommends you avoid drinks or food for some time, to allow for fluoride absorption. The substance gets into your tissues and aid in the repair of the decayed sections.

You can undergo the procedure every six months to ensure it’s useful. Other preventive measures are recommended, including the use of antibacterial mouth rinses, to minimize the risk of cavity development. Fluoride is a vital element in fighting decay, and it occurs in two forms, these are:

The systemic fluoride is used to strengthen your child’s teeth during the teeth eruption process. Your child’s dentist may prescribe fluoride drops or tablets for your kid until the teenage years.

Topical fluoride strengthens the enamel surface and protects it against cavities, and it’s available in recommended mouth rinses and gels. Your child can undergo the procedure during a dental exam visit to the pediatrician.

Essential Recommendations You’ll Need during Fluoride Treatment for Your Child.

Your hygienist may recommend you to regularly use a specific amount of fluoride to maintain proper oral health and avoid dental cavities. Dr. Shawn Edwards recommends you to start fluoride treatment for your child once the first tooth emerges from the gum line. Small amounts of fluoride ensure that your child is prevented from tooth decay.

To avoid complications associated with fluoride for your child, ensure you observe the following:

  • Closely monitor your child during regular brushing to ensure the right amount of fluoridated toothpaste is used.
  • Avoid giving your under six-year-old children mouthwash to rinse their mouth, since they may swallow it.
  • Use a limited amount of fluoride toothpaste for your child to avoid the risk of fluorosis.

Your child’s Proper oral health ensures that tissues are healthy for the growth of permanent teeth. Fluoride treatment is vital for your child.

How We Handle Fluoride Treatment in Easley, SC

Our Delta Dental dentists in Easley use fluoride treatment as a preventive approach against your dental cavities. We perform a dental check-up and clean your teeth to remove plaque. We use advanced technology to remove tartar on your gum line before the treatment.

We use fluoride varnish to cover your teeth surfaces. Our treatment takes about twelve months based on the condition of your cavities. At Easley Dental Associates, we perform biannual dental exams and cleaning to ensure you preserve your oral tissues. We handle the procedure in about six hours. Our hygienists recommend you to avoid alcohol after the treatment.

After the procedure, you need to floss your teeth to remove residual fluoride from your mouth. It’s vital to undergo the process of preventing cavities. Visit us today at Dental Associates of Easley to ensure you find an ideal solution for your dental cavities.

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