Five Reasons Why the Dentists Recommend Professional Teeth Whitening 

Five Reasons Why the Dentists Recommend Professional Teeth Whitening 

Mar 01, 2020

Almost everyone has or will experience teeth discoloration because of either extrinsic and intrinsic factors. External factors such as food, drinks, and lifestyle affect the enamel. Intrinsic factors, on the other hand, include age and medication, and they affect the dentine (gives the teeth its color). Most dental whitening products whiten the enamel, but can’t address the intrinsic stains. That’s why we recommend professional teeth whitening. Here are a few reasons why:

1. It Offers Thorough Whitening

As aforementioned inherent stains affect the dentine and are hard to remove. Most commercial whitening gels and straps remove only stains and whiten the enamel, but can’t change the dentine. The professional teeth whitening is your best choice of removing these intrinsic stains. However, in severe cases, we may opt for dental crowns or veneers to cover the stains.

2. No Gum Sensitivity

All whitening dental products have hydrogen peroxide whitening agents but in different doses. Since the commercial whitening products are not regulated, the whitening agent can either have a little hydrogen peroxide or a lot, causing sensitivity.

Yes, the professional in-office teeth whitening contain higher dosages of hydrogen peroxide. However, the dentist will use a protective gel on the gums to protect them against bruising and irritation.

3. Better Results

The professional teeth whitening contains higher doses of the whitening agent and, therefore, will achieve better results in an hour. The commercial home kits can take a few days to show any results. Moreover, the results will be short-lived because they don’t whiten the teeth all through.

4. Customized Teeth Whitening Treatments

The commercial teeth whitening are one-size-fits-all products which are not ideal for people with severe discoloration.

Using our professional in-office equipment, our Delta Dental dentist will create a customized treatment based on your level of discoloration and sensitivity level.

If you want home kits, speak to our dentist, and they will create customized trays to maintain the results at home.

5. The Professional Teeth Whitening Are Safe

One significant side effect of at-home whitening kits is enamel erosion. The enamel is the hardest part of teeth and protects the teeth against cavities. Without a strong one, the teeth are weak and prone to decay. Using commercial whitening products without a dentist’s recommendation will cause the enamel to erode, making it soft and increase the risk of cavities. Home remedies such as charcoal and baking soda might have the same results.

Using the in-office whitening products will whiten your teeth while preserving your gums and enamel.

What Can I Expect During the Whitening Procedure?

The teeth whitening process differs depending on the situation, but the steps are standard.

  • Dr. Shawn Edwards will examine the teeth and gums and discuss the whitening process
  • A hardening resin is applied on the gum tissues to protect it against irritation and sensitivity caused by the gels and strips
  • The dentist will apply the whitening solution on the enamel for 15 to 30 minutes and then wash it off. The process will be repeated for two or three sessions. In some cases, laser light is used to activate the whitening solution
  • Finally, the dentist will examine the whitening shade. If unsatisfactory, a follow-up appointment will be made for further treatment. Alternatively, you may get take-home whitening trays to continue the treatment at home.

I have Dental Restorations; Can I Still Whiten My Teeth?

Unfortunately, you can’t. The color shade of dental restorations such as crowns and veneers is irreversible. The best option is to bleach your teeth before fixing them.

How Long Will the Results Last?

Teeth whitening is not permanent and will last between 10 and 18 months, depending on your lifestyle and eating habits.

How Can I Maintain My Teeth White?

Avoid or limit the consumption of foods and beverages like coffee, tea, cocoa, and wine. But, if you take them, brush or rinse your mouth afterward. Also, stay away from smoking, which not only affects your teeth but oral health in general.

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