Jul 02, 2021

Maintaining good dental hygiene is one of the best ways of preventing some dental problems that may occur. Most people spend time on the outer looks, forgetting that oral health is important and helps with facial looks especially when you can smile freely without any dental problem holding you back.

Preventive dental care, also called “preventive dentistry”  is the habit of maintaining and caring for the teeth to avoid dental mishaps and improve dental health. This can also guard the teeth against decay, gum infections, and wearing down of the enamel.

By going for regular dental checkups coupled with brushing and flossing your teeth, you can prevent yourself from visiting the dentist for serious oral problems. This is why you have to prevent the problems from occurring by diligently sticking to your dental hygiene.

The preventive dental services that are offered by a dentist include, visiting the dentist for a regular dental examination every 6 months and cleaning of the teeth.



At Dr. Shawn Edwards dentistry, you can get professional preventive oral care. The following procedures are ways by which you can prevent dental problems or lessen the effects of some dental issues. They are:

Efficient Dental cleaning: twice a year, it is essential that you get your teeth cleaned to get rid of plaques that might have gathered in the teeth. There are some areas in the teeth where the brush can’t gain full access. This is why professional cleaning is needed.

Fluoride Treatment: Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps to avoid cavities and makes the teeth stronger. During treatment, the fluoride is applied instantly to the teeth during a regular oral check-up. This is an easy and fast method.

Oral cancer screenings: During your regular dental check-up, your dentist can examine the mouth for signs and symptoms of oral cancer to aid with early detection and effective treatments. For your oral cancer screenings, you can visit the dentist’s office in Easley.

X-rays: dentists can detect signs of dental issues through an X-ray. Plagues can not be seen with naked eyes, an X-ray is needed.

Protective Mouthguards: these dental appliances are manufactured to guard the teeth against damage. Those who love sports and workouts that could put them at risk of facial and oral injuries should wear a protective mouthguard to keep their teeth safe and healthy. This can also save the teeth from cracking and breaking. Most people wear dental bridges and dentures due to misplaced teeth. You can prevent yourself from wearing dentures,  dental bridges, and a  dental implant by protecting your mouth.

Dental sealants: these are tiny coverings that are attached to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to preserve them from cavities. The sealants are allowed to go deep into the teeth holes to stop plagues from growing inside the teeth.

Salivary Diagnostics: this is one of the newest procedures in dentistry. It is effective in discovering specific oral infections by conducting a saliva test.



You need to know that preventive dentistry starts with you. You have to follow some oral hygiene principles and diligently obey them.

The oral preventive measures that  you can do by yourself at home are:

Brushing the teeth daily: Whenever you forget to brush your teeth, you allow germs to live freely inside them and if it becomes a habit, plagues can form inside the teeth causing damages to the enamel and your oral health. Note that you should change your toothbrushes three to four times yearly. Also, make use of an effective fluoride toothpaste whenever you want to brush your teeth.

Floss your teeth daily: When you floss your teeth properly by cleaning the gaps between the teeth and rinsing them well, it will be difficult for cavities to live inside the teeth holes. You can also prevent bad mouth odors by flossing daily. Most importantly, you can consult your dentist on how to floss correctly or visit a dentist at 29640  for a brief flossing demonstration.

Maintain a balanced diet: Eating the right type of foods can protect your teeth from decay and infections. You should eat foods that contain nutrients for stronger and healthy teeth. Reduce your sugar intake and foods like bread, potato chips, and hard candies. Do not take too many carbonated drinks. If you’re craving chilled drinks, you should take water instead.

Visit your dentist: You can visit a dentist near you at least once a year for dental checkups. This will put you at lower risks of suffering from underlying dental problems. Once the dentist identifies any sign of oral Issues, he can assist you in preventing them from further complications.

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